Our Story

Inspired by my grandparents, Daniel and Flora Fione.

My grandfather Danny met my grandmother Flora while travelling through Luxembourg with the 4th Armored Division during World War Two.

He was stationed in Czechoslovakia, she was working with the Red Cross in Luxembourg.

He would routinely request the supply route so he could see her.

He would go AWOL(Absent Without Leave) and spend a few days with her.

Upon returning he blamed his tardiness on an incorrect map.

The last time he saw her, he promised he would come back for her after the war was over.

He did. And they were married on July 4th 1945

Meet The Winemaker

Kristin Fione is a wine lover who turned her passion into wine making with the help of Patrick Kelley and Cavaletti Vineyards.

She grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA and was a film major at Penn State, working in sales until moving to Los Angeles for graduate school at USC.

Once in California, Kristin discovered a love of wine, and the community it brings together, first on Instagram, then in real life.

She currently works as a Production Coordinator at Freeform, and on weekends you can find her pouring at the Cavaletti tasting room in Moorpark, CA.

She likes long walks on the beach, reading, cats……
(Oops, that’s for her bumble profile)